At Pro-West & Associates…

We think it’s important for you to know that your geospatial needs are met by a team of dedicated professionals that understand GIS technology and the power of location. Since 1987, our team has been providing services and solutions in the GIS industry that deliver results. We care about your project, your goals, and your success. We work with you so that you not only understand your project deliverables and GIS technology, but also understand how to manage and maintain your data and applications. You emerge from your project  armed with knowledge, tools, and answers to your business challenges.

What Sets Us Apart?

PWA owners work at PWA every day. In the competitive world of GIS and delivering services and solutions of value, we believe our ownership approach sets us apart from the competition. We all share a commitment to client service that means we never stop until the job is done right. After all, what else would you expect from an owner?

Who We Serve:

Local, State and Federal Government, Utilities, Mining, Agriculture.