Application Development

Pro-West believes that a unique set of challenges requires a unique solution.

Using our expertise in GIS and software development best practices, Pro-West works with its clients to combine best-of-breed commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) tools with custom development where required to build the right GIS application around each client’s particular needs, challenges and goals.

Pro-West strongly believes this is the foundation of its long-standing relationships with clients in federal, state and local government, and private industry: we invest time in understanding each organization we work with, establishing an efficient, well-defined and goal-oriented design and application development process.

Pro-West’s software development team is experienced in configuring and developing mobile, web, and desktop applications. Our team cares about finding the right solution for each client, whether that means drawing on brand new tools or techniques, utilizing conventional technologies, or a combination of both.

Pro-West is practiced and proactive in identifying, testing and incorporating the best GIS technologies and techniques in order to produce the right result every time.

We understand the roles of both COTS tools and custom application development in delivering a cost-effective, user-friendly, and sustainable GIS application that exceeds your needs and expectations.

Pro-West understands that, while many organizations have a desired result for their GIS application, they may be unsure of how to get there. For those organizations, Pro-West can help to define the right solution and develop a plan to implement it.

As a Pro-West client, you will receive the best combination of all available technologies and techniques for YOUR organization.

Esri Solution Deployment

A multi-award-winning Esri Gold Partner, Pro-West has been invested in the Esri platform for 28 years. We have deployed a wide range of solutions using Esri COTS applications configured to meet clients’ unique needs. Pro-West uses the ArcGIS platform for all of its projects and has a track record as an early adopter of Esri’s releases.

We were actively involved in Esri’s transition to a cloud- and web-based platform with ArcGIS Online. Having subsequently received ArcGIS Online Specialty status, Pro-West is in an excellent position to provide its clients with the right solution drawing from across the ArcGIS product stack.

In 2018, Pro-West received Esri’s Award for Leading Web GIS Transformations, recognizing the value of the web GIS deployments we have delivered to clients.

Filling the Gaps

Not every need can be met with a purely COTS solution. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver complete solutions to our clients. This often means creating small, focused custom components that fill the gaps between off-the-shelf software GIS applications, integrate into your environment and follow your organization’s best practices.

Pro-West strives to implement custom GIS solutions in a way that provides transparency, visibility, and accountability. Our custom application development process is always right-sized for the tasks at hand to minimize cost, complexity, deployment risk, and future maintenance cost.

Keeping the true lifetime cost of custom software in mind has been fundamental to the reputation we maintain as trusted, long-term partners to our clients.

Custom Applications

When the need for custom GIS application development arises, Pro-West does it right!

We understand the significant investment that our clients make in us. The tools we craft and our development process are focused on providing high quality, robust software while keeping our clients actively involved and informed.

Our software development fundamentals revolve around:

  • Client involvement – clients are integrated into the Pro-West team from the start and stay involved throughout the project. We provide rapid prototype development with frequent demonstrations and opportunities for feedback
  • Requirements gathering – Pro-West invests time in understanding business needs and has the expertise to offer alternative or better solutions where appropriate
  • Development – we expect that a project specification will evolve over time and are able to accept these changes as routine. We gain flexibility and adaptability by following a time-boxed, test-driven development methodology.
  • Documentation and training – even the best application is not useful if no-one knows how to use it. We provide custom documentation and training at the end of every project, matching the custom-built application and client skill level.

Examples of Custom GIS Applications

Whatever your application development need may be, Pro-West can meet it, practicing the company’s core value of being focused on the solution using tried and tested methodologies for design and development. Examples of custom applications developed by Pro-West include:

  • Asset management
  • Agricultural assessment
  • Work order management
  • State One Call solutions
  • Flood management websites
  • Permitting
  • Land records management
  • Crime management
  • Park locators
  • Election tools
  • Public websites
  • Subscription websites

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