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Pro-West clients trust that we will keep them informed of emerging location technology that will bring value to their unique workflows and GIS goals. With support from Pro-West, organizations are transforming how they collaborate with Esri’s ArcGIS Hub.

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Pro-West was invited by Esri to join the new ArcGIS Hub Specialty Program on the program’s opening day. The specialty recognizes Pro-West as an early adopter of ArcGIS Hub, providing expertise and support for government organizations to engage with their communities and grow their GIS programs.

What is ArcGIS Hub?

ArcGIS Hub is a configurable, web-based engagement platform that connects the general public and internal users with authoritative content such as web mapping applications, summary reports, open data and much more.

ArcGIS Hub enables organizations to focus on policy initiatives and themes based on everyday and overall business challenges. ArcGIS Hub offers an intuitive self-service platform from which to access the information necessary to support transforming organizations.

See how Renville County, MN is using Hub to engage with citizens and share information:

What Value Does Hub Offer?

With their own ArcGIS Hub implementation, organizations gain the ability to:

  • Improve constituent engagement
  • Share more information, more easily and more effectively
  • Bring focus to priorities
  • Offer context and purpose
  • Share information effectively
  • Provide a data-driven resource
  • Achieve community aspirations
  • Leverage broader communities
  • Enable two-way communication

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Coronavirus Response Hubs

Pro-West is supporting organizations as they respond to the COVID-19 pandemic in their communities by deploying Coronavirus Response Hubs.

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