Kyle Wikstrom
Kyle Wikstrom, GIS Solutions Specialist

The ArcGIS solutions for property sales, such as Residential Comp Finder and Site Selector, are excellent apps for helping citizens and businesses identify locations to reside or set up shop. Access to this information helps to promote economic growth and development.

With all of this great information, one may ask, “Where do we get the data to drive these apps?” The answer is that there are a couple of options, one of which may be creating an automated process to retrieve data from a third party system or another database and displaying it through a GIS web app.

Another option is to leverage Property Lister, a solution that enables anyone in the community to submit information regarding a vacant property or available space. Users who manage the listings can use the Property Listing Reviewer app to approve submitted properties. Approved properties can then be displayed in public information apps such as Residential Comp Finder or Site Selector.

property lister

Including this suite of apps in any professional’s arsenal of tools offers a complete solution, starting with submitting information, reviewing and approving submissions, and finally consuming data in a listing application. ArcGIS solutions and apps can be tailored to match most workflows, or even create new ones!

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