COVID-19 GIS Support

GIS tools are proving critical to many organizations as they fight the spread of COVID-19. Web-based maps and purpose-built Esri ArcGIS apps allow citizens to rapidly view and understand up-to-date data on COVID-19 and take appropriate action to protect themselves.

Pro-West is supporting governments and communities with the GIS tools and expertise they need to serve their residents. We are ensuring organizations have the right software in place, that it is configured properly and consuming the right data, that processes are in place to keep data up-to-date as information changes, and that the information is shared with the community.

To help organizations rapidly mobilize their COVID-19 response, Pro-West is helping organizations configure, deploy and share purpose-built solutions based on the Esri platform including the Coronavirus Response Hub and a selection of individual internal and public-facing applications including Coronavirus Case Dashboard, Business Guide and more. Pro-West’s dedicated COVID-19 response team cares about making sure you receive the support you need to serve your community and, with a range of GIS and programming disciplines on staff, we are ready to serve you today.

To help you get started fast, Pro-West has created three support packages (below). If you don’t see what you need, reach out to Brandon Tourtelotte, Business Development Manager, and tell us how we can support you.

COVID-19: ArcGIS Hub Helping Communities Fight Virus Spread

Racine County Coronavirus Response Hub

covid-19 racine hub

Polk County Coronavirus Response Hub

covid-19 gis polk county

Talk to Pro-West COVID-19 GIS Experts

Pro-West offers free consultations to help determine your COVID-19 support needs. Email Brandon Tourtelotte, Business Development Manager by clicking on the button below, or call 320-207-6875.