Pro-West is proud to have been recognized during the Esri Business Partner Conference 2016 with the award for Best Use of Story Maps for Partner’s Business.

The award recognizes Pro-West’s capabilities with the ArcGIS Platform and tools and proven ability to make our clients successful with ArcGIS Solutions.

It is the latest in a string of Esri accolades earned by Pro-West. In 2016 so far the company has been recognized with the ArcGIS for Local Government SpecialtyFederal Small Business Specialty, and as an Esri Marketplace provider for its Parcel Lineage App. In its 25 years as an Esri Business Partner, Pro-West has also twice received the Business Partner of the Year Award, and twice the Foundation Partner of the Year Award.

Pro-West President Annette Theroux and Marketing Coordinator Jenny Miller were at the Esri Business Partner Conference in Palm Springs, CA to receive the award from Esri President and Co-Founder Jack Dangermond.

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