If it seems that Pro-West is spending most of May traversing the country, it’s because, well, we are! May 13-15 sees us on the east coast at the PA GIS Conference in State College, where we’ll be presenting and exhibiting.

Leading a presentation on the parcel fabric will be Lisa Schaefer, Pro-West Geospatial Data Specialist and one of the nationwide leaders in the parcel fabric. Lisa has empowered many counties and cities by implementing the fabric, helping them to achieve better value, accuracy and accessibility for their parcel data. During her presentation, Lisa will look holistically at the parcel fabric, covering fundamentals of the product, “dos and don’ts”, technical aspects, the challenges she has helped clients navigate, and important changes on the horizon for the parcel fabric over the coming months.

Land Records Maintenance in the Parcel Fabric

Lisa Schaefer and Brandon Tourtelotte, Pro-West & Associates, Tuesday, May 14  |  2:00-2:50pm  |  Room 208

Does your organization maintain land records data? Do you have specific business workflows that rely on the data to be updated quickly? The Parcel Fabric is quickly becoming THE standard for parcel data maintenance because it is specifically built for efficient editing and maintenance of land records data. To utilize the Parcel Fabric, your current data will need to be migrated into the fabric platform. Your current data will dictate the path of migration….geodatabase, AutoCAD drawings, coverages, shapefiles, etc. No-one’s data is perfect, however the Parcel Fabric has additional tools and information to help you improve the data after it’s migrated. Once migrated, your data is ready to utilize the built-in workflow tools and one-time entry to achieve the parcel data and dimension annotation. Come experience the Parcel Fabric, discuss the benefits of migration and address your business needs for migrating to the newest platform!

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Pro-West will also have an exhibit booth during the conference. We encourage you to join us there, where we’ll be happy to talk through your GIS challenges and answer any questions you may have.