Geospatial Data Services

Pro-West works with many cities and counties to develop and migrate land ownership and location data, creating geodatabases that provide efficient editing and maintenance environments, ease of use, and good value for the whole organization.

Pro-West is also skilled at helping organizations unlock the true potential of their GIS data, which can provide significant value to many departments. Often, this includes GIS integration with critical business systems to add value by connecting related data.

Pro-West deploys Esri technology to work with parcel data. Esri’s ArcGIS for Local Government and Local Government Information Model (LGIM) connect silos of information within an organization and integrate processes across government departments, and can be configured to support an organization’s specific needs. LGIM templates support a range of key maps and apps within a local government, enabling the production of:

  • Local government basemaps
  • Water utility maps and apps
  • Land records maps and apps
  • Elections maps and apps
  • Fire service maps and apps
  • Law enforcement maps and apps
  • Emergency management maps and apps
  • Planning and development maps and apps
  • Facilities and campus maps and apps
  • Address maps and apps
  • Public works maps and apps

Data Migration

Data migration has become commonplace as organizations upgrade their systems and seek to harness the benefits of emerging technologies.

Pro-West is experienced in helping cities and counties migrate data from AutoCAD, coverages, shapefiles and geodatabases to enterprise geodatabases, Esri’s Local Government Information Model and other standard models as well as the parcel fabric, meeting national standards for addressing in all cases.

Parcel Fabric Migration

Find out about Pro-West’s parcel fabric services.

Data Development

Pro-West has vast experience of working with local, state and federal government and private industry to develop GIS data related to parcels, utilities, addressing or historical information. Pro-West is practiced in developing data from a wide range of formats – paper references, database records, as-built drawings, MSAG tables – based upon discussions with each client to determine its needs, wishes, opportunities and priorities.

More about Esri’s ArcGIS for Local Government

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