GIS Strategic Planning from Pro-West

Proper planning is the key to GIS success. Pro-West creates tailored GIS strategic plans for organizations facing a range of location technology challenges, providing the foundation for them to succeed.

Do you know your organization could be getting greater benefit from GIS technology but aren’t sure where to start?

Do you need to modernize your GIS, or implement an enterprise GIS?

Are you unsure of what location data and tools exist across the organization and need support to discover, centralize and move forward?

Do you need to know your GIS will serve its purpose over the coming years?

Your organization is unique, and so are your GIS pain points, needs and opportunities.

Pro-West’s GIS strategic plans, needs assessments and implementation road maps are always based on an individual client’s distinctive needs, goals and challenges – never on generic content.

The GIS Strategic Planning Process

Pro-West deploys its proven process for building practical GIS strategic plans that help organizations succeed.

Understanding your organization is the most important factor in the planning process. The Pro-West team works efficiently with stakeholders to understand how they are using maps, their difficulties, the tools and data they have, and how location intelligence could better benefit them and their department.

We look at:

  • Current status of GIS data, infrastructure, resources and solutions
  • Objectives, tasks and budget required to support identified needs
  • Implementation recommendations for infrastructure, system integration, software, staff/consulting resources, data, training and solutions

Pro-West adds value by looking not only at your identified needs and pain points, but also where we know location technology integration could enhance your processes. For example, a GIS solution could offer a better way to share information with the public, or a routine process could be automated using GIS tools to deliver more accurate data with no manual input needed.

The Value of a GIS Strategic Plan

Effective planning reduces costs and improves the effectiveness of any deployment. By focusing on the right areas, organizations can ensure effective deployment, adoption and long-term success and avoid investing time and money in pursuing a path that will not deliver return on investment.

The right GIS strategic plan will empower your organization with a path to success including:

  • Time-opportunities
  • Improved planning and decision-making
  • Improved accuracy and completeness of GIS data
  • Standard and efficient GIS data accessibility
  • Enhanced public service for government organizations
  • Departmental collaboration
  • Integrated and centralized business systems
  • Seamless field-to-office workflows
  • Streamlined service for end users

After the Plan

Pro-West’s expertise extends beyond GIS strategic planning to implementation and ongoing management. Learn more about enterprise GIS implementation services from Pro-West.


Pro-West offers free consultations to discuss your GIS evaluation and planning needs. To learn more, contact Brandon Tourtelotte, Business Development Manager by clicking on the button below.