Pro-West Receives Esri ArcGIS for Local Government Specialty Designation

Pro-West is proud to announce we are an Esri ArcGIS for Local Government Specialty Partner!

This designation reflects our company’s commitment to supporting local government organizations with location technology – specifically ArcGIS for Local Government solutions. Cities and counties have been trusting us as their GIS partner for almost 30 years – some for that entire time. We focus on making them successful using location technology.

The specialty is also a reflection of our deep expertise with Esri technologies – in particular mobile and web technologies, which many of our local government clients are using successfully with plans to do even more across their organizations.

But the Esri Local Government Specialty is more than an endorsement of Pro-West’s capabilities. It is also a commitment to work more closely with Esri and its user community – the benefits of which we are excited to bring to our clients.

Pro-West Launches on Esri Marketplace with Parcel Lineage App

marketplace-parcel-lineageAccompanying Pro-West’s Esri Local Government Specialty designation is our launch on the Esri Marketplace with an app designed to eliminate a huge burden for local government organizations – the search for history on a land parcel – with our Parcel Lineage App.

The Parcel Lineage app was developed in response to a recurring challenge identified by local government organizations, and we look forward to helping counties reclaim the hours and days of time currently spent on this task.

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See the app on the Marketplacearcgis_marketplace_provider-big.



Pro-West Expertise in Election Apps Recognized

election resultsPro-West’s expertise in helping government organizations leverage the power of GIS to stay ahead during election season is showcased on Esri’s Elections and Redistricting page.

We work with he ArcGIS Online collection of elections-focused templates to allow government and citizens alike to benefit from a wealth of voting information, including where to vote and the ability to follow results with real time updates on election night.

Take advantage of ArcGIS solutions to arm your citizens with the knowledge they need, when and where they need it, to get out and vote in the 2016 elections!

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