Pro-West is celebrating launching on Esri’s Marketplace with the first ever app of its kind.

Joining the Marketplace accompanies Pro-West’s designation as an Esri Local Government Specialty Partner and follows its ArcGIS Online Specialty designation in 2015, further endorsing our ability to deliver high quality solutions to real-life problems.

With our first marketplace app, we’re transforming local government’s ability to find historical parcel information with the first ever app on the Marketplace designed for just this purpose.

Pro-West understands local government’s challenges. We’ve built almost 30 years in business on it.

This means we have seen Assessors, Auditors, Recorders, and other Land Records staff spend hours, even days, searching – often fruitlessly – for information about a parcel in order to simply do their jobs. Each time, we see their pain in dealing with the countless hours wasted and vital productivity lost.

Not any more.

marketplace-parcel-lineagePro-West’s Parcel Lineage App is designed to target and eliminate this single point of pain, meaning those users of land records data will be able to see all available and relevant information about a parcel in SECONDS rather than hours or days, enabling them to reclaim their efficiency and build confidence in their county’s data.

With minimal investment, no additional development, and using information you already have, Pro-West’s Parcel Lineage App delivers what you need, when you need it – not a day later.

You can use the app right off the shelf if:

  • You maintain your parcels in the Parcel Fabric

And that’s it.

If you’re using the Fabric, you can get going and start saving time now.

But I’m not using the Fabric yet…

With the Fabric, the Parcel Lineage App truly comes into its own. If you’re thinking about migrating, it might just be the incentive you’ve been looking for, bringing benefits you can measure, FAST. In fact, it’s included in the cost of Pro-West’s Cruise Control package for organizations using ArcGIS Online. Visit ProGov, our ArcGIS Online site.

What does it look like? 

It’s deliberately minimal and easy to use, with:

  • A single view of current, predecessor, and successor parcel information
  • Ability to navigate back and forth between current, predecessor, and successor information
  • Configurable symbology, colors, and more

See the app on the Esri Marketplace (LINK).

Get the Parcel Lineage App

We are excited for cities and counties to start saving time with the Parcel Lineage app!

Find it on the Esri ArcGIS Marketplace here.

Contact us to get started and talk about technical specifications. Email or call us on 320.207.6868.