Generate Mailing Labels in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS

Kyle Wikstrom
Kyle Wikstrom, GIS Solutions Specialist

The Development and Solutions teams at Pro-West are proud to announce the first deployments of a brand new widget for Web Appbuilder for ArcGIS, the Mailing Label Widget!

mailing labels

This widget lets users search and select property parcels and create mailing labels or CSV files of owners and occupants who are within a user-specified buffer zone.

mailing labels2

How Can You Use the Mailing Label Widget?

Let’s say that your organization must notify every property owner within 100 feet of a parcel that is being rezoned from a residential classification to mixed use. All you have to do is search for this property, open the Mailing Label Widget and specify a 100 foot buffer along with the type of labels you need to generate. That 100 foot buffer and the affected properties will be displayed and your new labels can be downloaded as a PDF. You can even print a map of the buffer and the properties that fall within it!

Why Use Pro-West’s Mailing Label Widget?

This widget can be used by organizations that want to leverage Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS. Here are a few advantages…

  3. Your app is CONFIGURABLE

You retain all of the other functionality and design control that is offered in an ArcGIS Online web map and the Web AppBuilder environment.

mailing labels3mailing labels4

Try a Live Demo of the Mailing Label Widget at our ProGov page, and contact Pro-West to get the mailing label solution in your organization! Share your uses and ideas for the widget by Tweeting us or sending me an email.