End-to-End GIS Packages from Pro-West

No In-House GIS Expertise? No Problem!

Whether your organization lacks in-house GIS expertise, doesn’t have a large enough workload or budget to hire a permanent GIS specialist, or just wants a more efficient way to reach their GIS goals, Pro-West can step in to fill that gap and ensure your organization is successful with GIS.

How Does it Work?

Pro-West acts as part of your team to provide a complete GIS function without the overhead of hiring staff or the pressure of generating enough work for a full-time role.

Each client receives a unique package specific to their needs. We will define your GIS needs and the time and budget required to meet those needs efficiently, and use this as the basis for building your end-to-end GIS package. Clients work with us for a defined period of time to deliver the GIS services and support they need, with no ongoing commitment, offering a solution that allows the organization to embrace the benefits of GIS technology without unnecessary cost or commitment.

The client benefits from Pro-West’s capabilities spanning the full spectrum of GIS – dataapplicationssystem integration, infrastructure, training – with our experts in each area stepping in as required to fulfil specific needs. For example, you may work with a Pro-West Solutions Architect to implement public-facing ArcGIS Online applications, and you may work with another member of our team to integrate your tax system and GIS, or migrate your data to a standard format. A Pro-West Project Manager will remain your primary point of contact and coordinate the right resources to deliver a successful project.

On-Site Support

If desired, projects can include a defined number of on-site days, when a Pro-West expert will spend time at the client’s facility to meet with staff to discover needs, implement solutions, and/or provide training – whichever activities will generate the greatest value for the organization from Pro-West’s on-site time.

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Discover how Pope County, MN (population 11,000) exceeded its GIS goals with a Pro-West end-to-end GIS package.

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