Value for Every Pro-West Client

Every Pro-West client collects valuable information from its geospatial data.

Pro-West empowers its clients to identify patterns and trends through geospatial analysis and use the results to add value to their operations and make fully informed business decisions.

Achieving value from geospatial analysis begins with asking questions of an organization’s data. Whether a client has no data or feels it has too much, Pro-West can help to discover data, or to organize and evaluate existing data. As questions are asked of the data, Pro-West’s geospatial analysts ensure clients learn from, and gain a complete understanding of, their data and the answers it provides.

Whether a customer’s goal is to recognize spatial relationships, find locations, detect patterns, perform routing, or predict new information, Pro-West can help.

The value of insight gained through geospatial analysis is only as good as an individual or organization’s ability to communicate. Pro-West can enable the necessary spatial communication to ensure the analysis is understood by all. Pro-West’s geospatial analysts use their cartographic skills to produce maps and reports to meet all of their clients’ communication needs. Pro-West also leverages Esri’s ArcGIS Online to help organizations share geographic insight across departments and with the public.


Award Recognition

The Living Atlas compiles spatial data layers that have been published by Esri and its ArcGIS Online customers. 2010 Census data is available to download if you have access to ArcGIS Online. If you do, the layers can be used in ArcGIS Online or downloaded and used in ArcMap or ArcGIS Pro.

Traditionally, Census data has been broken into four separate datasets for data counts on race, age, households, and housing (home and renting). The countless ways to combine and display the data counts are a great way to explore the data and figure out the counts that are important to your organization. With those data points ready to go, when the 2020 Census data is released, it can be added to 2010 data for comparison.


Pro-West offers free consultations to help define your geospatial analysis needs.