Parcel Fabric Services from Pro-West

Parcel-Management-Specialty-Light-Background-LargeMany organizations are working with geodatabase schema that have been pieced together over a long period of time and lack meaningful organization. Pro-West works with its clients to design a standard geodatabase schema that is fit for the future and will keep GIS data accurate, well-organized and efficiently managed using features such as automation and a secure editing-only environment.

Migrating to Esri’s parcel fabric enables counties and cities to save a significant amount of time on update processes.

The parcel fabric preserves the relationships between each feature’s lines and polygons so that maintenance is a highly efficient process, requiring a single entry of the coordinate geometric (COGO) data.

The parcel fabric also provides tight security. As an editing-only environment, the fabric cannot be the source for application data. A script is used to publish the data to simple features for use in applications.

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Parcel Fabric in Pro: Go Pro with Pro-West!


Land records professionals are transitioning to Esri’s ArcGIS Pro environment for the Parcel Fabric (Parcel Fabric in ArcGIS Pro), bringing new tools and capabilities to the fabric editing environment as Esri prepares to deprecate the Parcel Fabric desktop environment.

With the introduction of Parcel Fabric in ArcGIS Pro, how should organizations be planning ahead? When should the transition be made, and what is needed to get there? What tools are available in Pro to support parcel editing workflows?

Pro-West has been involved in the development of Parcel Fabric in ArcGIS Pro from the start, participating in Esri product testing, keeping clients apprized on progress and, helping them as they migrate to the ArcGIS Pro environment

Support from Pro-West

As well as advising organizations on the most appropriate path to Esri’s Parcel Fabric in ArcGIS Pro (whether a current Parcel Fabric user or not), Pro-West offers packages designed specifically to transition organizations to this new environment.

Packages includes all services required (infrastructure, data, editing workflows and training) to move to Parcel Fabric in ArcGIS Pro, whatever your current status.

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Esri Preferred Parcel Fabric Partner

Pro-West has been working with the parcel fabric since its inception and has grown to become a technical leader in fabric implementations. As an Esri-preferred partner for fabric projects, Pro-West is tightly aligned with new tools and techniques as they become available. Our customers benefit from superior support underpinned by Pro-West’s close connections to Esri’s parcel fabric technical team.

Adding Value to Your Investment

Get even more from your investment in the Parcel Fabric with web and mobile GIS applications. Meet the needs of staff and citizens with Esri-based solutions that empower users to the find answers they need to their questions about property records.

Train or Maintain?

Unsure of the best way for your organization to successfully maintain its data in the parcel fabric environment?

Pro-West can help you decide.

We provide custom training to ensure your staff have the skills to efficiently maintain accurate data in the fabric, with built-in technical support after training to take care of any questions that arise as you begin to work independently.

Alternatively, Pro-West offers maintenance services for your parcel fabric data. Our skilled parcel fabric technicians will ensure the integrity of your data is preserved after your fabric implementation, serving your users with timely and efficient updates.

We provide either training or maintenance for 100% of organizations for which we have implemented the parcel fabric.


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