What are GIS packages from Pro-West?

GIS packages from Pro-West consist of the full set of services needed to help you reach a GIS-based goal. Your goal may be to configure and deploy an application, jumpstart your enterprise GIS, or address an organizational initiative – such as public engagement – using GIS technology.

Every organization’s current situation – your GIS software, your workflows, and your data – is unique, so the process and services utilized to reach your goal will be unique. A GIS package from Pro-West provides the assurance that the services you receive will be tailored to what YOU need to meet your business goals.
A number of our packages include services bundled with Esri software licensing, so you can access everything you need in a single engagement. For more details, check the list below.

Are there any system or software requirements?

Some packages have requirements for software licensing or infrastructure. Explore the individual packages below to learn about any such requirements.

What packages are available?

A full list of individual packages is below, as well as packages built around specific organizational needs or functions.

  • Block Support Packages
    • Our most flexible package available!
    • Need a little or a lot of support? Need assistance that spans multiple types of services, such as data, enterprise, solutions and integration? Want on-demand support from technical leaders? This package may be the best option to meet your needs.
  • Parcel Fabric Implementation Package including transition to ArcGIS Pro
    • Data analysis, system architecture analysis, data migration, training and support
  • Equitable Property Value Hub Package
    • Real time access to property solutions and data that answer common property and tax distribution questions. Drive citizen engagement and streamline the assessment appeals process!
  • Enterprise GIS Jumpstart 
    • System architecture analysis, design and implementation, plus training and support
  • Land Use Outreach Hub Package
  • Address Outreach Hub Package
  • Asset Management Jumpstart for Local Government
    • Esri licensing and Pro-West implementation services for local governments getting started with an efficient SaaS approach to asset management
  • Public Outreach Jumpstart for Local Government
    • Esri licensing and Pro-West implementation services for local governments getting started with an efficient SaaS approach to engaging with citizens through interactive GIS apps
  • NG9-1-1 Readiness Package 
    • Data analysis, clean-up and preparation for NG9-1-1 system implementation.
  • Geospatial Hub Package
    • Create a destination to share maps or help users navigate through a comprehensive suite of solutions
  • Infrastructure Check-Up
  • End-to-End GIS Services

Packages for Assessors/Recorders and Land Records Professionals

Analyze your data for accuracy, create an environment for efficient data maintenance, take the right training and implement the right web applications to get valuable information to those who need it, in ways it is easily accessed and understood. Explore this package if you want to:

  • Enhance public trust, confidence and transparency
  • Minimize appeals
  • Respond to market conditions
  • Deliver tax roll on time and accurately
  • Communicate value notices to public
  • Eliminate/minimize data quality issues and silos
  • Modernize aging business systems
  • Promote staff attraction and retention

IT and Enterprise Systems

Responsible for managing the infrastructure that supports your organization’s GIS? Evaluate what you currently have, get up and running efficiently with the right system architecture, and benefit from ongoing support and maintenance that allows you to focus on your core responsibilities.

Emergency Managers

Get critical data in order, implement the right processes to maintain it efficiently, and implement solutions that better equip your organization to respond effectively.

GIS Teams

Add to your capabilities and capacity with a wide range of packages to grow your organization’s location strategy, enhance the services you provide to staff and external users, get the most from your investment in GIS software, and have the confidence that support is on hand when you need it most.

Public Works

Transform your asset management and maintenance workflows by leveraging GIS solutions. Migrate processes from paper to digital formats, empower field workers with asset data at their fingertips and improve efficiency throughout the department.

  • Block Support Packages
  • Asset Management Jumpstart for Local Government
  • Roads & Highways Package
  • Public Outreach Jumpstart for Local Government

Not Sure Which Package is Right for You?

Many organizations choose a Pro-West Block Support Package for maximum flexibility.

Support is available in "blocks" of 20-160 hours and can be used for any service offered by Pro-West.

Simplify your purchasing process and access all the GIS services you'll need.

Get Your GIS Packages from Pro-West!

Pro-West offers free consultations to help local government organizations determine their GIS needs.