GIS System Integration from Pro-West

“80% of data has a location component.”

Geographers and GIS professionals may be familiar with the citation but, although almost all data has a location component, in reality not all of it is spatially enabled. 

At Pro-West, our niche is spatially enabling organizational data to allow our clients to realize the true value of their information. It has been a key factor in all of our clients’ recent Esri Special Achievement in GIS (SAG) Award-winning projects. For over 20 years, our clients have been seeing the benefits of GIS system integration, allowing systems to “talk to each other” and enabling the location component of data that previously only existed outside of GIS.

For many organizations in government and private industry, integration is the key turning point for propelling their capabilities and opening up the benefits of location technology to the entire organization.

Pro-West has worked with its clients to integrate a wide range of business systems including:

  • Tax
  • Recorded property deeds
  • Document imaging
  • Pictometry
  • Other organizations’ systems for collaboration
  • Microsoft Office documents

How Do We Do It?

Clients can be confident that every Pro-West GIS system integration follows a tried-and-tested process that has already resulted in many successful integrations.

Our team identifies potential GIS integration points that will deliver added value. Working in tandem with client teams and the third party vendor whose technology is being integrated with GIS, we identify the organization’s needs and bring all parties together to work towards a shared goal before executing the integration together.

Each GIS system integration is tested and fully documented, and matched with success criteria to demonstrate a successful project.

Pro-West’s experts will also help you prepare for the future with recommendations on creating datasets that will ease integrations that may take place down the road.

What Does a Successful GIS Integration Look Like?

The right GIS integration will:

  • Make all related data more easily accessible, with GIS acting as the “front door”
  • Speed up internal business processes
  • Allow the organization to get better information to citizens, faster
  • Reduce counter traffic
  • Increase the value of your GIS and the systems with which it integrates
  • Ease collaboration with partner organizations

Client Testimonials

Once we had a solid foundation of good data, integration was the single most important success factor for our land records GIS transformation. Enabling key systems to “talk” to each other has enabled our GIS to act as the “front door” for all information about a property – whether the Assessor’s card, recorded documents, or tax information – through apps that anyone can use, regardless of GIS experience. Now, anyone that needs information on a property in Racine County can, in just a few clicks on their smart phone, access all the materials we have on that property. Pro-West has enabled us to provide an invaluable service to citizens by integrating our systems with GIS.


Over the last two years we have worked with Pro-West to move from an outdated and unsupported GIS to a modern and efficient on built to carry us forward an take advantage of current technologies and workflows. System integration was a critical part of the project: being able to provide one-click-visibility for document imagining, permitting, and CAMA information was a big deal for us. Integration has enabled GIS to become an information hub for the County, delivering a high quality service to the public and internal users.




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