GIS Training from Pro-West

Pro-West believes that training is the cornerstone of success for any GIS project, and packages training with every solution it delivers.

Pro-West’s trainers are passionate about ensuring their clients are properly equipped to use the applications that Pro-West develops and implements. They design and deliver a custom, hands-on GIS training program to match the specific application development needs of each client and its GIS users, from the general user to GIS power users and administrators.

On-site and online training formats are available, and technical support can be built into GIS training programs to provide comprehensive support.

Pro-West’s instructors have a reputation for excellence within the GIS industry, and their expertise is often requested for hands-on and lecture-style classes and workshops by GIS organizations across the United States.

Pro-West also ensures its clients receive the right third-party training, in particular Esri training, to enable users to work effectively with their data and GIS. These may be online, instructor-led or seminar-style classes on topics that could include Esri technologies that they are implementing, how to use various tools within these technologies, and even classes for those who are completely new to GIS.

Legal Description Training

If you need to better understand, interpret, and use parcel legal descriptions, this training is for you. The needs of basic, intermediate, or advanced skill levels can be addressed, and can cover legal description terminology, understanding PLSS, Aliquot or Fractional descriptions, reading and using measurements, writing a legal description, and more.

Legal Description Training: Class Options

Pro-West experts delivers virtual trainings to groups and organizations. Contact us to learn more. Alternatively, join the mailing list to learn about scheduled classes for beginner and intermediate skill levels.

Video recordings and certification for CEU hours are available for both options.

ArcGIS Online Training

Pro-West has been helping its clients to implement web GIS since its inception and continues to drive this transformative force in location technology. We provide standard and custom training for ArcGIS Online users who are just getting started, through to highly skilled power users wishing to use ArcGIS Online tools to dive deeper into data analysis. Regardless of current skill level or the training format you choose, all trainees will leave equipped to better use their organization’s data to support decisions, solve problems, and make valuable interactive maps and apps that users will love!

Pro-West training can cover:

  • ArcGIS Online organizational set-up
  • Managing groups
  • Featured content
  • Sharing
  • Public and internal maps and apps
  • Specific app configuration and use
  • Publishing content for ArcGIS Online consumption
  • Data integration
  • Performing analysis
  • Field collection
  • Security
  • Branding
  • Managing credit usage

Training can range from half a day to two days depending on your needs and is offered on-site or at Pro-West. Need to know more or talk about your options? Contact us.

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ArcGIS Desktop Training

Pro-West regularly provides ArcGIS Desktop training to counties, cities, state and other governmental agencies, as well as private sector teams. Depending on the depth of trainees’ existing knowledge of the software, training may start from introducing terms and definitions, moving through concepts and practical applications including creating geodatabases, feature classes, subtypes and domains, working with coordinate systems, symbology, creating maps, editing an enterprise geodatabase, image georeferencing, and many more topics.

Pro-West remains current with new releases of Esri’s ArcGIS desktop software, and is ready to help your organization keep pace with new developments, including moving from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro. To find out more or talk about your options, email or call us and we’d be happy to provide more information and recommendations.

Parcel Fabric Training

Pro-West’s expertise in Esri’s ArcGIS Parcel Fabric is among the most advanced in the GIS industry. Parcel Fabric users of basic, intermediate, or advanced skill can benefit from training in Parcel Fabric methodology and techniques to equip them to efficiently edit their data in the Parcel Fabric. Parcel Fabric training specifically designed for IT staff is also available.

Making the transition from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro Parcel Fabric? Pro-West has a well-established training program designed to meet this need that has provided many local government teams with the expertise and confidence to edit in the Pro environment.

Training programs range from a 2-hour online workshop to 3 days of custom, on-site training, depending on client requirements, and will ensure your team is comfortable with the location of your migrated data, knowledgeable about workflows in place, and proficient in maintaining their data in the Parcel Fabric environment. Need more information? Contact Pro-West.

Coordinate Geometry (COGO) Tools Training

Pro-West trainers will educate you and your team about the tools available that allow parcel data editors to enter coordinate geometry values to obtain the results specified either in a legal description or survey record. Discover the options and possibilities for deploying these COGO values with turned angles, deflections, and other dimension formats.

Training specific to users of Esri’s Parcel Fabric is also available. Learn about entering specific COGO values, override options, and the options for combining with context menu options in order to best use the construction dialog for maintaining parcel data efficiently.

Need more information? Contact Pro-West.

Deed Drafter Training

Local government teams can benefit from Pro-West’s training on Deed Drafter to learn more about this tools that allow editors outside of the network or who are not skilled in ArcGIS Desktop to pre-check legal descriptions, new subdivisions, or other desired features.

With Deed Drafter, Pro-West empowers trainees with the skills to use the tools available in the most beneficial way for their needs to make edits, save, and share their updates efficiently.

Training from Pro-West will provide the knowledge needed to utilize a web application to directly edit Parcel Fabric data while working remotely or in the field. As Deed Drafter matures, Pro-West can be relied upon to bring you this knowledge first.

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ArcGIS Pro Training

The value of ArcGIS Pro is impossible to ignore. ArcGIS Pro training from Pro-West offers assurance of remaining up-to-date as ArcMap approaches deprecation, identifying ways to harness the capabilities of ArcGIS Pro to use your location data efficiently. Training is practical and hands-on, and is available for a range of skill levels and timeframes, and can be delivered online or on-site.

Need more information? Contact Pro-West.


ArcGIS Server Training

Pro-West’s technical experts can help you and your organization benefit from training to effectively manage Esri ArcGIS Server software. Training can be delivered on-site or at Pro-West and can cover a range of topics tailored to your needs including administration of the ArcGIS Server machine, troubleshooting, configuration, managing users and roles, best practices for migration, working with ArcGIS Online and other applications, and more. Get in touch to ask us about ArcGIS Server training.

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Training Topic Not Listed?

If you need GIS training in an area that isn't listed here, be sure to contact us - Pro-West's expertise covers the full spectrum of GIS and we would be happy to work with you to put together a custom training plan.