Welcome to Pro-West’s Staying Connected During COVID series! Meet the team members who continue to collaborate and serve clients remotely, making sure we deliver quality service during a tumultuous time.

Meet Adam Skoog, a Senior Application Developer at Pro-West and our IT Manager, who has been with Pro-West since 2007. He wears a few different hats at Pro-West including keeping us all online, and has been especially busy lately with supporting our team remotely. We are grateful for Adam every day!



Adam Skoog
Senior Application Developer/IT Manager

What does your role at Pro-West involve?

I get to wear multiple hats day to day. I split my time between software development and IT. As a programmer I am generally working on web solutions for clients and in particular I do a lot of forestry-related development. As Pro-West’s IT Manager I am in charge of keeping internal systems running and up to current standard.

As a programmer, what do you like about working in GIS specifically?

It’s a very interesting field that keeps you on your toes and always has something new to learn. The pace at which GIS technology is changing is rapid and in many ways even outpaces changes in software development technology.

What do you find rewarding about working at Pro-West?

Building something that makes our clients’ jobs easier and more streamlined and enables them to do what they do even better.

What new challenges have you had to deal with at work in relation to COVID-19?

Due to my IT work, sometimes troubleshooting issues for team members can be a little more challenging. Where once I was able to walk over to their desk to help out, now we have to screenshare which can be limiting at times.

How has working at home been going?

For the most part, working from home hasn’t been too bad. I have my office buddy, Maverick, who is our almost-two-year-old chocolate lab. My wife, Emily, runs a daycare and it can get interesting sometimes due to them feeling cooped up as well. My two kids, Evelyn and Kanan, enjoy being able to pop into Dad’s office and visit once in a while, which is great.

While it’s amazing to get to spend so much time with family and not haing to commute to work, there are lots of times where I miss that outside face-to-face interaction with other people.

What’s your favorite thing to do outside of work?

I’d have to say it’s a fair split between my woodworking projects and Taekwondo. Fortunately I am still able to do one of those things right now. It will be great to get back to the gym once  this time is over.

What are you most looking forward to when life eventually returns to “normal”?

Getting out and about and interacting with people. It’s warm outside and hanging out with friends around a fire sounds great right now!

What’s your favorite movie/TV show?

Movie – Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back

TV show – Firefly