Pro-West Leadership Team

Annette Theroux

President & CEO
Annette facilitates project initiation and progress meetings, addresses daily queries, ensures budget and schedule control and resource allocation, and develops Pro-West’s business strategies and policies. She plans on running long distance races until she reaches an age at which the field thins and she can place in the top three of her age group.

Kendis Scharenbroich

Vice-President & COO

Kendis has been working with Pro-West’s local government clients for 15 years, understanding their needs, managing projects, and working with the Pro-West team to define, design and test technical solutions. She says, “I haven’t been everywhere but it’s on my list.” (Susan Sontag​).

Josh Marsh

CTO, Programming Manager
Esri Certified Web Application
Developer Associate

Josh has worked with clients and development staff for 13 years, designing and implementing complex GIS software solutions that streamline processes and solve critical business needs. He’s also a home automation addict.

Brandon Crissinger

Data Development Manager
Esri Certified Desktop Associate

Brandon manages, designs, integrates, and develops processes for the creation of geospatial data. He enjoys outdoor activities, especially ice fishing.

Lucas Scharenbroich

Technology Manager

Lucas is a senior developer and Technology Manager at Pro-West. He spends time solving problems with elegant code and herding cats.

Jenny Miller

Marketing Coordinator

Jenny is responsible for strategizing and executing Pro-West’s marketing activities. She is originally from Northern Ireland and cares deeply about good grammar and good food.

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