Kendis Scharenbroich, VP & COO

Pro-West returned this week from Esri’s Business Partner Conference in Palm Springs, CA overflowing with information, opportunities and ideas. The event produced more than a few highlights, but here’s our VP and COO Kendis Scharenbroich’s take on the headlines and, most importantly, what they mean for Pro-West’s clients and users of Esri technology…

Esri is releasing a huge number of solutions to transform the ways that governments tackle tough problems. Its ArcGIS Platform allows customers and partners to get down to the business of business and catapult the value of location right across an organization.

The approach Esri is taking with generating an ecosystem of easy-to-use, collaborative location-based tools is outstanding. This is a great time to be an Esri partner! Lucas Scharenbroich, Pro-West’s Technology Manager, will be providing more details about our technical approach to developing on the Platform as he works through this year’s Esri Dev Summit!

A major topic at this year’s Business Partner Conference was the consumerization of IT and how it has fractured workforces throughout local government. What does this mean? It means that staff want to use the same technology at work as they use at home and in their personal lives. The platform addresses this phenomenon by providing a complete, centralized and organization-wide source for authoritative data. I had the opportunity to meet with a City right after returning from the Partner Conference and we talked about this very topic. It resonated with them and it was happening in their organization. Is it happening in yours?

At Pro-West, we are asked a lot of questions about ArcGIS ProShould I use it? Is it replacing ArcMap? The resounding message is USE BOTH!  ArcMap is not being deprecated any time soon, but ArcGIS Pro has many advantages, speed being one of them.  So download Pro and check it out.  Pro-West will be hosting webinars throughout 2015 to help users identify how ArcGIS Pro could benefit their organization.

How will the Esri platform support your users and meet the goals of your organization?  Talk to us and find out!

Standards and Scalability. We talk about these a lot at Pro-West. The Esri Platform delivers just what we need to help a client implement a location strategy for their organization. Fractured database schemas, data silos, disconnected systems, mis-aligned solutions that don’t meet business needs, complex systems that don’t support workforce needs….the Platform addresses these tough issues by applying standard and scalable solutions that can be applied anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Smart mapping, anyone?! Sign me up! I absolutely loved Esri’s approach to smart mapping. This will seriously change how people create, analyze and share maps across their organization and outside their organization. Have you ever created a map and couldn’t share it with someone? Have you ever fumbled through the layer properties for hours trying to get your map to look just right? (Yeah, me neither….) With smart maps you can collaborate with many people inside and outside your organization on the same map, in real time, on any device!  Seriously cool stuff that addresses how we want and need to work with each other to solve tough problems.

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Palm Springs, CA!
Palm Springs, CA!


Be agile to create standard and scalable solutions
Be agile to create standard and scalable solutions


ArcGIS Pro Session at EPC
ArcGIS Pro Session at EPC


Does your GIS apply to these 5 standards
Does your GIS apply to these 5 standards?