Private Industry GIS from Pro-West & Associates

Agriculture, mining, forestry, environmental and engineering firms all have location challenges in common that need to be solved with GIS technology. Pro-West helps its clients in these sectors determine how location technology will not only serve their customers, but meet their internal business needs. Just a few examples may include:

Location. It's Everywhere.

Over the last decade, the eruption of quantifiable information—most of it generated by social media and online habits—has captured the attention of almost every business in the country. Executives need to draw conclusions about their data whilst on the move and in real-time.

Pro-West can help you make it happen.

Introducing the Power of Location to Business Data

Spatially enabling your organization’s data brings a broad and deep understanding to business issues, allowing it to inform decision-making, optimize resource allocation, improve customer service and support growth.


Pro-West offers free consultations to help commercial organizations determine their GIS needs.