State Government GIS from Pro-West

Pro-West delivers award-winning GIS services for state government with solutions that range from data development, migration and compilation to complex application development and multi-agency initiatives.

We support IT, transportation, natural resources, pollution control, GIS departments and more for states spanning the country from west to east cost with location intelligence that meets each organization’s distinctive needs.

Our experienced team has worked with state agencies to develop GIS applications that target specific public audiences to aggregate and distribute data between government agencies for the benefit of local government, state and federal agencies, and tribal communities.

Pro-West’s staff is well acquainted with the complexities of state government and the need for collaborative application and data development that reaches beyond the state to integrate local government authoritative data and meet federal data standards.

State GIS Master Contracts

Pro-West delivers award-winning GIS services for state government with solutions that range from data development, migration and compilation to complex application development and multi-agency initiatives.

Pro-West holds master contracts with several states for GIS and IT professional services, which may make purchasing services easier for your organization. Contact us to learn more.

Transportation Agencies

Pro-West has worked with State transportation agencies across the country including Colorado, Minnesota and Massachusetts, providing a diverse range of expertise including custom application development, facilities mapping, geospatial data development and conversion, process design, and leading statewide data sharing initiatives.

We have supported states by leading major collaborative efforts that have been the first of their kind and involved stakeholders across multiple agencies, industry groups and the public.

The Pro-West team is used to building applications around complex workflows and a high volume of information for Departments of Transportation to help improve data quality and timeliness, provide user-friendly public access to information, protect sensitive data and generate valuable reports based on sophisticated analytical tools.

The Minnesota Center for Transportation Studies Award

Pro-West received this award for developing a GIS parcel map inventory. Pro-West conducted a Statewide Parcel Mapping Inventory (SPMI) for parcel, addressing and related land records, both spatial and tabular data. The inventory captured information about authoritative county data from all 87 Minnesota counties, such as percentage of data completion, point of contact, accuracy, currency, data sharing policies, and metadata. The inventory has been updated three times since the original project was completed, with the most recent update conducted by Pro-West to develop a statewide parcel data sharing plan for the state.

Site Asset Mapping

Pro-West’s team performs asset management mapping for state government, analyzing data on agency facilities using imagery analysis, paper maps, CAD files and other formats to generate efficient processes for data development or conversion. Using proven methods for development, conversion and quality control, Pro-West ensures state government agencies have an accurate inventory of facilities in GIS, allowing for easy access and management.

Natural Resources

Pro-West works with State Departments of Natural Resources and Game, Fish & Parks Departments to develop custom applications and analyze and develop geospatial data for natural resources including wildlife habitats and vegetation mapping with goals including species conservation, responsible land management, sustainability and planning.

Our team uses Esri ArcGIS tools to perform application development, data analysis, data creation and management, geospatial modeling and quality assurance.

Our work with state government GIS for natural resources ensures accurate information is made available in a user-friendly way that supports decision-making and planning.

Process Transformation

Pro-West has supported state government agencies with large scale projects to transform business-critical processes. Recent examples have included statewide data sharing, permit issuance, and asset management. Pro-West uses location technology to bring efficiency, accuracy, automation, integration between key systems, and ease of use to workflows that previously relied on outdated technology, manual processes, siloed data and separated systems.

With GIS-based processes in place, organizations are gaining value from increased productivity and easily accessible, high quality information available to those who need it.

Custom Application Development

Pro-West’s state government clients get the best of both worlds when working with our team to build GIS-based applications. Combining off-the-shelf solutions with custom development, they are assured of mobile and web applications that will meet their distinctive needs while delivering value for money.

We work hard to understand our clients’ requirements and ensure they receive the right solution, first time.


Pro-West offers free consultations to help state government agencies determine their GIS needs.