At Pro-West, we help private and public utilities transform their workflows for asset management, field work, data management, and more using GIS. Migrate from paper to digital processes, empower field workers with data collection tools, efficiently manage asset inventory and maintenance, and make more informed decisions.

Utilities working with Pro-West benefit from our teams' experience of serving utilities of all sizes, both rural and urban, for decades. We understand the challenges utilities face in relation to GIS and are ready to help you solve them.

Imgis-2022-partner-award-logoIn 2021 and 2022, Pro-West was recognized by Esri as an award winner at its Infrastructure Management & GIS Conference:

Comprehensive GIS Services for Utilities

Pro-West collaborates with utilities to identify opportunities to leverage GIS to become more efficient, make more informed decisions, and maintain more accurate data. GIS services for utilities include:

Geospatial Data Services

Achieve accurate data, accessed in a single central location and managed efficiently in a modern GIS environment.

  • Data development
  • Data analysis
  • Data conversion to GIS
  • Data maintenance and management
  • Training to manage your data in GIS

Enterprise or Cloud-Based GIS Deployments

Pro-West will work with you to define the most appropriate deployment or upgrade of GIS, whether ArcGIS Enterprise, ArcGIS Online or cloud for your organization. We also offer support through ongoing maintenance and upgrades to ensure your system is performing as needed.

System Integration

Connect third-party business systems used by your organization with GIS to get the greatest value from your data and systems, ease collaboration with partner organizations and work as efficiently as possible.

Esri Solution Configuration

Create streamlined field-to-office workflows, perform asset management, and visualize valuable information. Pro-West supports utilities with configuration of Esri off-the-shelf solutions including ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Hub and Dashboards. Explore GIS Solutions from Pro-West & Associates.

GIS Packages for Utilities

Pro-West offers all-inclusive GIS packages, bringing together the support you need to reach your goals and see meaningful results.

Specially designed packages are available for organizations implementing GIS for the first time, offering Esri GIS software licensing bundled with Pro-West services for a cost-effective and streamlined implementation.

GIS service packages for utilities include:

  • Block Support Packages - Pro-West's most flexible package. Purchase a "block" of hours to be used for any service offered by Pro-West.
  • Water Utility Data Management Package - set of web applications to map sewer system, stormwater system and water distribution assets, edit data, view system maps in the field and office, view asset reports, and collaborate with map notes.

Support to Comply with EPA Lead & Copper Rule Revisions

GIS technology is playing an important role in support efficient, on-time compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Lead & Copper Rule revisions. Water systems must submit to their state an inventory of customer-side and service-side service line material status by October 2024, with the goal of identifying and sharing the locations of lead services lines and planning for replacement.

Pro-West is support water systems with purpose-built GIS mapping tools, mobile apps and dashboards to help organizations prepare for and manage their lead service line inventory, and leverage their investment to add value through sharing data.


Pro-West offers free consultations to help utilities determine their GIS needs. Email Marcus Glass, Business Development Director, to schedule a meeting.