What to Expect as a Pro-West Client

Pro-West’s longevity and influence in the GIS industry is the result of two fiercely guarded principles of our business: exceptional customer service and creative solutions that meet each client’s distinctive needs. Pro-West’s GIS consulting staff is excited about innovating, and is focused on listening, collaborating, and responding to help each client overcome its unique challenges and implement meaningful, valuable geospatial solutions.

The Pro-West Guarantee

Pro-West clients are guaranteed that we will be part of their team.

We believe that our employee ownership model is critical to Pro-West’s success. Our staff is dedicated and focused and ALWAYS goes the extra mile for colleagues and clients alike.

Our Values

At the heart of every GIS project and every interaction with clients and each other are our core values.

Relentless Excellence

  • We never give up
  • We surround ourselves with those that strive for excellence
  • We treat every decision, idea, and client success as another step toward maintaining a positive reputation
  • If we are afraid to fail, we will never succeed
  • We share and support

Own it!

  • We invest ourselves
  • We listen, show respect, and are honest
  • We are accountable
  • We ask questions
  • We provide answers
  • We let ourselves be vulnerable
  • We let others see us
  • We communicate our ideas
  • No excuses

Focused on the Solution

  • Identify-Discuss-Solve
  • We do what is in the best interest of others
  • Improve – don’t dwell
  • Discover

Always Moving Forward

  • We learn 365
  • We implement the future
  • We embrace change

What Do Our Customers Say?

Why take our word for it? Find out what our clients say about working with Pro-West.