Recent years have been some of the most exciting and challenging ever in GIS.

Governments and industry are recognizing its value for a huge range of functions, stimulating an accelerated rate of growth and change.

A constant in Pro-West’s almost-30 years in business has been keeping pace with developments in GIS and related sectors that affect what we do. Our clients expect and deserve it.

So, what will we see in 2015?

  1. ArcGIS Pro will impress traditional desktop GIS users and they will transition to it for everyday use very quickly.
  2. Imagery will become even cheaper to acquire and faster to process. Unmanned aerial systems (UAS) are the clear driving force.
  3. Local governments using the ArcGIS platform will finally begin unleashing their data to the public thanks to The results will be transformative.
  4. As JavaScript continues to approach the performance level of native code and WebGL support matures, more of the traditionally “heavy” analysis work will be performed by in-browser tools. Look for ArcGIS Online to rapidly increase the number of (paid) sophisticated tool offerings.