This post comes at the end of a dramatic and historic week in the life of our country, to say the least. The culmination of the presidential candidates’ campaigning culminated in a result that destroyed years of predictive political modeling, stunning the country and keeping us riveted to the blue and red patchwork that spread across our phones and TV screens Tuesday night.

Whatever your political bent, there can be no denying this was a victory for GIS and the location technology community. In our age of instant information, maps are the fastest way to access that information, providing a visualization of data that gives us the at-a-glance knowledge we want. And with traditional polling and analysis methods invalidated, GIS data received even greater interrogation than usual, with analysts searching for trends to account for the results.

Pro-West was excited to work with its County clients to help them inform voters in their communities of election results in real time. Using ArcGIS Online templates, these Counties deployed mobile-friendly election apps to show results for the presidential race as well as congressional and state-level elections. Voters were able to see the map change as the counts were verified, and interact with it to look at the results of the various votes on the ballot for their area.



Prior to polling day, voters could also use ArcGIS Online election apps to identify their polling place or absentee voting location.


On election night itself, Pro-West updated a map of the presidential election in real-time to enable the public to stay informed instantly as the states were called.


GIS gisday_logo_srgb_lrgDay

Meanwhile, sharing GIS with our community remains front and center with GIS Day next week! Pro-West is excited to do its part in communicating the value of GIS in our lives, and to introduce it to a new generation of map makers and consumers.

Kyle Wikstrom
Kyle Wikstrom, GIS Solutions Specialist

On November 16, Pro-West’s GIS Solutions Specialist Kyle Wikstrom will be working with Tri-County Public Schools in his home town of Karlstad, MN, on fun activities that will give students the opportunity to learn about GIS. Students will be using ArcGIS Online as a tool to explore location technology, provided free of charge by Esri to K-12 schools.

We look forward to reporting on GIS Day next week! In the meantime, follow our updates on Twitter.

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