Esri UC Day 2 1

“Datum? I don’t even know ’em!”

Kyle Wikstrom
Kyle Wikstrom, GIS Solutions Specialist

Day 2 of the Esri User Conference was filled with technical sessions, special interest groups, and presentations.

ArcGIS Workflow Manager provides a central job management and tracking system to streamline tasks in ArcGIS for Desktop. It supports your entire enterprise, from knowledge workers to executives and public engagement. This workflow management system enables data form entry, identity based access, report generation, document integration, email notifications, and more!

Authoring maps with ArcGIS for Server leverages ArcMap’s powerful cartographic capabilities. Following the WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) concept, published map services retain the map configurations used when a service is published. A Cached Map Service is a collection of pre-rendered data images stored on the server, and it is typically used for data that does not change frequently. This is often raster data. A Dynamic Map Service is data content that is generated on-the-fly as needed and is updated frequently. This is typically vector data. Other common web workflows include feature services for web editing, geoprocessing services for sharing spatial analysis tools and models, and locator services for geocoding.

Vector Tiles can be created with ArcGIS Pro 1.2. They are simply map tiles for vector data that use the Mapbox vector tile specification. Advantages of vector tiles include enhanced display quality, dynamic labelling, and custom map styling. Two Esri style editors can help you to more easily create your own vector tiles: Vector Tile Style Editor and Vector Basemap Style Editor.

ArcGIS Open Data has a new beta site editor! Some best practices include:

  • Having the latest ArcGIS for Server software (at least 10+)
  • Maximum record count should be less than 5,000
  • Enable WMS, WFS, and WCS where applicable
  • Turn off feature access if it is not needed
  • Organize datasets into multiple services
  • Include no more than 20 datasets in a single service
  • Each dataset should have a unique title
  • Publish attribute aliases and hide unnecessary fields
  • Create staging groups for users who contribute data

Other Useful Information for users includes:

  • ArcGIS Insights will be available to most ELA-holding organizations
  • ArcMap will continue to be supported
  • A new version of ArcGIS Pro will be released next week
  • Pro-West will be featured in Esri’s Federal Small Business Partner Story Map

Racine County’s Land Information Gallery is featured in the Local Government Island, and its apps are available for live demos! I also had the opportunity to present my Storytelling with Maps Contest Story Map and an ArcGIS Pro project on the NVIDIA Pro Map Wall.

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