Kyle Wikstrom
Kyle Wikstrom, Solutions Specialist

A new version of Collector for ArcGIS was recently released in the iTunes AppStore and Google Play, and we want YOU to know just what makes this new release relevant to us and how data collection just got a little bit easier.

You no longer need a primary feature to create a new secondary related feature.

Collector for ArcGIS SettingsLet’s pretend one of our clients in a public works department is collecting features along a drainage ditch to report flow blockages. Before, if you wanted to collect a feature to report blockage, you would have to select the ditch feature first and then you would be able to create that blockage report. Not anymore.

I want to collect a report feature but I don’t have a ditch to select. What do I do now?

This is no longer a problem. Now you can collect these incidents without having to select a pre-existing feature. You can do this by going into the Collector settings and disabling the Filter Related Types option. This will allow you to create features for all types.

What else is new with version 10.3.1?

Vietnamese and Greek language options have been added, enabling even more people to use Collector.

Bug issues fixed

  • Collector on Android not generating a new token to access hosted services when the app is closed and reopened.
  • Synchronizing disconnected edits using Android fails if network connections are interrupted, and subsequent attempts are unsuccessful.
  • Collector crashed on iOS when using a tiled map service in the web map with an Esri default basemap.
  • Existing feature attributes could not be edited when a hosted feature service is added to the same web map twice.

We are really excited about these updates, and we want to hear how the new release of Collector for ArcGIS is impacting you! Tweet me or Pro-West, or send me an email.


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