Forrester Names Esri a Leader in Location Intelligence

Esri, the world’s leading GIS platform provider, has been named a leader in The Forrester WaveTM: Location Intelligence Platforms, Q2 2020 which evaluates the products and services of vendors in a given market using a standardized and transparent methodology.

According to the report, “location intelligence changes the game for customer insights”, allowing organizations to understand their customers and deliver better products and support based on information about customers’ locations.

What is Location Intelligence?

Location intelligence is the insight gained from using data about “where” to provide meaningful information that may be used to solve problems and understand why things happen where they do.

Why is Esri a leader in this space?

We believe Esri’s recognition as a leader is the result of its focus on:

  • Using location intelligence to better engage with customers and optimize users’ digital experiences
  • Supporting different user types via an integrated and easily managed enterprise platform
  • Providing support to customers deploying location intelligence tools, largely through its network of partners like Pro-West

The report states that the “key strength” of Esri’s platform is its complete set of location intelligence capabilities.

Why is this important for Pro-West and our customers?

According to Esri, 90% of organizations believe location intelligence is crucial to their success.

Pro-West’s close alignment with Esri (we’ve been an Esri Business Partner since the Partner Program was launched 30 years ago!) allows us to serve our customers with products that support Esri’s focus on delivering location intelligence.

Simply put, Pro-West can help you implement the best technology at the earliest possible stage to support your location intelligence needs.