Free On-Demand PRIA Webinar: Modernizing Land Records Management with Parcel Fabric

For Recorders and Registers of Deeds, following best practices for managing property information is fundamental to their role. The Property Records Industry Association (PRIA) is opening access to this webinar from July 2020 to everyone – regardless of membership status – to offer insight into the business of the parcel fabric – its role in achieving industry best practices, why it improves efficiency in land records management, and how to get started.

Join PRIA, land records pioneer Nancy Von Meyer and local government GIS expert Pro-West to learn about five key principles of the Parcel Fabric for managing land records:

  1. The origins of the parcel fabric. Did you know the concept originated in a National Academy of Science report that described a “quilt” of land ownership across the United States? Find out how that concept translates in today’s land records environment and where Esri’s Parcel Fabric technology fits in.
  2. Why it’s valuable to those responsible for managing and improving parcel information. The latest version of the Parcel Fabric uses the same familiar keystrokes as you are used to if you manage parcel data in GIS, allowing you to maintain parcel history and other valuable information with no extra effort.
  3. What it’s like to edit in the Parcel Fabric. See a demonstration and learn how the fabric’s efficient editing tools enable users to work quickly and accurately.
  4. The challenges it solves. For example, make sure users across your organization are data consistently in the fabric by creating custom workflows.
  5. What’s in it for constituents. How does the Parcel Fabric allow you to provide better service?

Finally, the webinar covers the three options available to move into the Parcel Fabric from your current parcel management platform.