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ArcGIS_LocalGov_Specialty_Large-LightBackgroundAt Pro-West we value a meaningful, productive, and measurable customer experience – it’s the reason many of our local government clients have been with us for a decade or more. Our team of expert technicians, solutions engineers and application developers ensures that our local government clients’ needs are met with location-based solutions that generate growth and empowerment in your organization.

Our team firmly believes that smart local governments can and will transform how location is used to solve and transform the toughest of challenges.

Through personalized experiences using standard location-based solutions and processes, the Pro-West team will engage internal operations, public engagement, and planning activities in a way that empowers staff and constituents while supporting business goals.

A standard location-based platform, focused on local government GIS solutions and powered by the Esri enterprise platform, provides certainty in uncertain times. It allows local governments to evolve in a standard, consistent and predictable manner, while delivering pointed business results in the process.

Esri has endorsed Pro-West’s local government GIS capabilities with awards and recognition as an ArcGIS for Local Government Specialty Partner and 10 Special Achievement in GIS (SAG) Awards for our county and city clients.

Our holistic approach to local government location solutions sets us apart and provides results for our clients.

Simply put, we make what you do better with location technology.

Pro-West’s Local Government Approach

Our greatest asset at Pro-West is our team of experts who proactively focus on local government GIS data, solutions, integration and support. Pro-West consistently measures the impact of location-based technologies to make sure our local government clients receive good value solutions that provide the land records information they need, when they need it. We provide them with certainty, service, and support to navigate the changing location landscape. Our approach to local government GIS solutions effectively alters behaviors in order to manage changing needs throughout the organization.

When we can all speak the same language and move in the same direction, problems are solved, solutions are implemented and the organization fundamentally alters direction. Work with the staff at Pro-West to learn, discover and uncover what our local government GIS solutions can do for your organization!

Land Records

What if you had standard data models, standard and documented workflows, and focused solutions that were seamlessly integrated with your business processes? It’s a reality that Pro-West uncovers, implements and supports every day!

When we meet with our land records clients, our focus is always a common operating picture. Knowing where the organization stands in relation to skills, infrastructure, data, solution and support is fundamental to growing location-based technology throughout the organization.

From managing land use, parcels and serving the public to implementing dashboards to strengthen decision making, Pro-West offers a broad range of focused, land records solutions that integrate with the standard Esri Platform.

Standardized Data – Esri Local Government Information Model

Ignite local government operations with the Local Government Information Model (LGIM). With a standardized database and predefined workflows, any organization can fast-track their solutions. Using a standardized data model means spatial data is in a format that is used universally, which makes application development, intra and inter agency communications sky-rocket. The best part? LGIM syncs directly with the rest of the Esri Platform, meaning solution templates, workflows, and other tools are much more efficient and configurable.

At Pro-West we understand that sometimes LGIM might not be the right fit for many reasons. We guide our local government clients through a process to determine the best fit and process to support your needs.

What happens when LGIM is updated? As Esri releases LGIM updates, Pro-West responds fast, proactively exposing those updates to make sure you get the most out of your solutions.

Mobile and Web Applications

Pro-West helps counties and cities to identify and implement the right combination of configurable application templates and custom development to provide easy-to-use web and mobile GIS applications that meet internal needs and the expectations of citizens.

Our Solutions Engineers have configured hundreds of Esri ArcGIS Online application templates, “filling the gaps” with custom development where necessary, to provide cost-effective and easy-to-use task-specific apps that make communicating valuable information easier. We work with  our local government clients to create custom public map galleries within ArcGIS Online that allow users to access all GIS applications from a single location with a unique brand identity.

Find out more about application development from Pro-West.

Visit Pro-West’s ProGov site for demonstrations of ArcGIS Online solutions designed for local government.

See just a sample of the public galleries we have created for local government clients: Racine County, WI, City of Moorhead, MN, and Jefferson County, WA.






Managing Parcels – Parcel Fabric

The Parcel Fabric is an editing environment that is “part of” Esri’s Local Government Information Model. With an automated parcel editing workflow, merging parcels, splits, subdivisions, imports from CAD, and boundary line adjustments becomes standard, documented and repeatable. Your parcel data, since it’s part of the LGIM, will work directly with hundreds of solution templates, opening up incredible opportunities!

And what about tracking history?  The parcel fabric uses an automated process to track the history of each parcel.

Find out more about Pro-West’s Parcel Fabric services.

A Focus on Assets – Utilities

At Pro-West, we are focused on solutions. And when it comes to utilities, planning, analysis, field operations, field-to-office workflows, asset management and public engagement are all key components of ensuring our infrastructure supports the growing population. Utilizing the Esri Platform, Pro-West delivers focused solutions that drive and support business needs.

Smart Cities

What makes a smart city? A city or community that is smart is one that:

  • Makes decisions based on quality data
  • Continually connects with citizens
  • Collaborates inter-departmentally
  • Is able to respond rapidly and effectively
  • Is progressive, using technology to propel forward

Every city aspires to be a smart city, and Pro-West can help you reach that goal. We support communities large and small, rural and urban to collaborate effectively, build accurate and accessible data, serve the public and the organization with mobile apps, and deliver transparency without burdening staff.

We work with you to implement the right location technology and processes to build a community that is smart and connected.

Download our smart cities information sheet.

Read the City of Bloomington’s story.


At Pro-West, we understand the importance of teamwork. But it’s not just about bringing the right people together. Making sure systems work as a cohesive team is critical to serving information both internally and externally for local government. Document imaging, tax systems, sales systems, billing, customer service, permitting, inspections, and many more systems exist that consume or can be consumed by location-based technology through the Esri Platform.

We are experts in integration – it’s what we do. Integrating location-based technology with your other mission-critical systems has long been a fundamental component of our focus on aligning GIS with business goals and enabling local government to operate with greater efficiency and less effort.

Find out what to expect from working with Pro-West.

Meet With Our Local Government GIS Experts

Pro-West offers free consultations to help local government organizations determine their GIS needs.

Schedule a meeting by calling us on 320.207.6868 or emailing consult@prowestgis.com.