Parcel Fabric

Many organizations are working with geodatabase schema that have been pieced together over a long period of time and lack meaningful organization. Pro-West works with its clients to design a standard geodatabase schema that is fit for the future and will keep GIS data accurate, well-organized and efficiently managed using features such as automation and a secure editing-only environment.

Migrating to Esri’s parcel fabric enables counties and cities to save a significant amount of time on update processes.

The parcel fabric preserves the relationships between each feature’s lines and polygons so that maintenance is a highly efficient process, requiring a single entry of the coordinate geometric (COGO) data.

The parcel fabric also provides tight security. As an editing-only environment, the fabric cannot be the source for application data. A script is used to publish the data to simple features for use in applications.

Pro-West parcel fabric story mapFind out more with Pro-West’s parcel fabric story map.






Get even more out of your investment in the parcel fabric with Pro-West’s Parcel Lineage App. Designed in response to the needs of local government, it is primarily for current users of the parcel fabric, and eliminates the burden of time spent searching for this information. Read more.

Find out more about Pro-West’s parcel fabric training.

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