uc jackYesterday was the kickoff to the Esri UC, and the Plenary Session showcased what is nothing less than brilliance and excellence in GIS and how it is being leveraged not just around the world, but in our very own communities. Here are a few highlights of today’s Plenary Session.

  • The Living Atlas of the World contains authoritative content provided by organizations and can be leveraged in your own maps and apps. Give back by contributing your content to the collection!
  • Smart Mapping is a new capability in ArcGIS Online that will help you create stunning maps that tell your story! Combining the use of Smart Mapping and ArcGIS Solutions for Local Government, we can begin working right away!
  • AppStudio for ArcGIS will help you create mobile apps for devices in only minutes and publish them to all popular app stores! This is great for crowdsourcing data!
  • Extending the capabilities of the Home Licensing Program in order to encourage the growth of GIS in our communities and organizations. The next versions of ArcGIS for Desktop and ArcGIS Pro were also announced.
  • The use of drones in unmanned aerial systems in the ArcGIS Platform will allow users to have 3D data in minutes
  • Demonstration of the lightweight desktop app ArcGIS Earth and its use of 2D and 3D data scenes and will be publicly available to anyone

…and SO MUCH MORE. You can watch the Plenary Session online!

Seeing the impact the field has in the world is refreshing and encouraging. Our GIS technology and innovation is putting information in the hands of everyday people and pushing data-driven decision making, and I am very excited to help get these solutions going in your organization!

I saw many familiar faces throughout the events, and the day concluded in the Map Gallery where the skills and talents of GIS professionals were on display. I even had a moment with Jack Dangermond himself.

Tell us what you’re doing at the UC by tweeting us here or sending me an email. Hope to see you around the UC!

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