Pro-West & Associates will present at the Property Records Industry Association’s (PRIA) Winter Symposium being held February 25-28 in Greenville, SC.

Accompanied by local government panelists representing Racine County, WI, Carver County, MN and Washington County, WI and property record management software provider TriMin Systems, Pro-West will host a panel presentation and discussion integrating GIS with TriMin and other systems commonly used to manage property records.

Integrating GIS and LRMS systems creates a direct link between an online parcel map and recorded documents inside the LRMS vendor’s database. Local government panelists, all of whom have an active integration between their GIS and TriMin systems, will be sharing their experiences of integrating the two and the value they are seeing as a result. Attendees will have the opportunity to see live demonstrations of all three counties’ (and more!) GIS/TriMin integrations and ask questions in relation to the integration process.

Racine County

View Racine County’s integration of GIS with its TriMin documents via direct links in the pop-up window for each parcel in its GIS application.