Kendis Scharenbroich
Kendis Scharenbroich, Vice-President

I was in a meeting recently with several department heads and supervisors. Each person said: “I have this data…” followed by a description of what the data was and how it was stuck on a computer, buried in an email, hidden on a flash drive, lost in the sea of files on a shared network drive, or framed and hung on the wall and all they wanted to do was “share it”.

Share it.


Simple concept, right? I can share a photo of my nephew with the world in about three seconds. If I take a few more seconds I can share a retouched photo with a fancy frame. Why do I have to build Rome in order to share a simple set of data with my co-workers? Why do I have to send the data to someone, who sends it to someone else, who eventually posts it to a website for me to then print out?

With ArcGIS Online and the Esri Platform, sharing data is simple. Many of the organizations Pro-West works with have already seen the difference these tools can make. Data is shared by anyone, at any time and on any device in seconds and in a way that is interactive, live and integrated with other systems. A simple share can drive the economy, fix a pothole, or save a duck floating in the storm drain (yes, this really happens…).

So, are you ready to simplify and “share it”?

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