Pro-West has added another geo app to its Elections 2016 collection: Election Reporter!

Many election administrators and local governments still need a more effective and efficient way of recording elections tabular results information. Take advantage of out-of-the-box ArcGIS Online apps to streamline this process!

Election Reporter is a configuration of ArcGIS Online and the Crowdsource Polling configurable app template that can be used by election officials to record tabular election results. After submitting their results to the official authority, officials can share this information with the public using other elections solutions. Election Reporter allows election results information to be entered by individual wards or precincts using a map-based election recording app.

Election Reporter can be accessed from a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.

submit election results

The app works by enabling an election official to select a ward or precinct from a map or list. Ward or precinct information is displayed, and officials can submit results information for each candidate. To view sample results information, select the Wilson 0001 ward, or test it out yourself by submitting results!

Elections are not far away. Be ready and contact Pro-West by August 1, 2016 to implement Election Reporter and other ArcGIS Solutions for Elections within your organization.

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Let us know how your organization is recording election results information by posting here or sending an email to Kyle Wikstrom, GIS Solutions Specialist at Pro-West.