Kyle Wikstrom
Kyle Wikstrom, GIS Solutions Specialist

The latest update to Esri’s ArcGIS for Local Government in January included new solutions and enhancements to existing solutions. We also learned that more ArcGIS solutions will be moving to a hosted environment, meaning users will not have to download and host the application files on internal servers. Such solutions include Public Notification, Park Locator, and Events Calendar.

A popular solution is Tax Parcel Viewer, a simple way for citizens to look up their property and tax information, discover service information, and submit feedback. This is one of the solutions that has moved into mature support, and has been replaced with Tax Parcel Viewer 2.0. Some of the advantages of this new version include:

  • Online application hosting
  • Configure your own layers and pop-ups
  • Use the widgets YOU need
  • EXTREMELY easy to configure

Tax Parcel Viewer 2.0 is hosted in ArcGIS Online and leverages Web AppBuilder. Using a web map with your own layers and your own pop-ups, you have control over what your users see on the map. Leveraging out-of-the-box widgets in Web AppBuilder, Tax Parcel Viewer 2.0 is easy to configure and requires no custom widgets.

ArcGIS tax parcel viewer


The new release of Tax Parcel Viewer makes it easier for local governments to take ownership of their information products faster. As more capabilities become available in Web AppBuilder and ArcGIS Online, we can expect to see more organizations deploying solutions more frequently because of this ease of discovery and deployment.


Esri Webinar

Pro-West’s demo of the new Tax Parcel Viewer app was featured in Esri’s “What’s New in ArcGIS for Local Government Solutions” webinar. See it here, along with a host of other worthwhile updates. The Tax Parcel Viewer demo starts at 38:25.




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