Kyle Wikstrom
Kyle Wikstrom, Solutions Specialist

Wednesday was possibly the best day yet at the Esri UC! I attended numerous useful sessions, and here is some of what I discovered.

The Local Government Special Interest Group

  • We hope to see the Photo Survey solution in October that allows users to conduct rapid damage assessment by collecting and processing location aware photo data. It works by taking timed-interval photos along a route and allowing the user to attribute data to these geo-located photos. Social media login credentials are being considered for ease of public accessibility and involvement.
  •  The Elections solutions will get a facelift this fall to prepare for the 2016 elections. An app will be included that is designed for voters with non-traditional polling 3
  • Events Calendar and the new Park and Recreation Locator apps are great tools to promote Economic Development.
  • Additional symbology for solutions templates on the GitHub Esri Solutions repository.
  • Black label apps… the apps with black header bars… will become more user-developed versus developer-developed, meaning that soon YOU will be able to generate these apps with ease.
  • The Esri Local Government Team is seeking input for the development of the Next Generation Tax Parcel Viewer.

The Road Ahead for ArcGIS Online will include a lot more options for administering your organization and new GIS capabilities. These items will be available soon or they are being considered for a release.

  • ArcGIS Online Organization administrators will have more control over credit budgeting. Esri’s goal is that your maps and apps don’t shut down when someone in your organization spends all of its credits. You will still have to pay the bill.
  • Editing logs for group editing so that you know who is making changes to content.
  • More Smart Mapping capabilities like complex symbology, floor-aware web maps, and sharing and consuming registered OGC layers.
  • Ability for users to “Follow” groups to discover new activity and see when someone uses their content.
  • SUPPORT FOR RELATED TABLES should be coming this fall or winter, and this one has ME excited

Selling your apps and content in the ArcGIS Marketplace has incredible value for users who are creating these items. Why would someone want to sell these in the Marketplace? For businesses to generate qualified leads and for local government to increase awareness in their communities. Your Marketplace items are even discoverable in Google, Bing, and Yahoo searches!

Esri UC Day 3I also experienced some personal triumphs throughout the day. I finally grasped the concept of Portal and its place in the ArcGIS Platform. I discovered that the ArcGIS for Home Use Program offers virtually everything in terms of capabilities, including access to ArcGIS Online for Organizations where YOU are the organization. I also met several people who have been reading up on my daily “blogs,” and I want to thank them for checking out my articles.

Tell us about your experience at the Esri UC here or by sending me an email. I hope to see you at the Party by the Bay tonight!

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