The Transformational Solution for Assessors

Today, Assessors and local governments are challenged with meeting citizens’ expectations for accessing accurate, comprehensive property information. Information must be up-to-date, easy to find and understand, and available on any device if it is to meet the needs of those who use it and provide answers to their questions.

Authoritative property information has additional benefits. It promotes transparency between government and taxpayer, improving trust and confidence and building citizen engagement.

With property tax revenue making up the majority of city and county budgets in many areas, governments need to deliver.

How Can GIS Help?

GIS can provide the tools for the public – and internal users within the organization – to access the property information they need in a way that meets expectations for self-service, availability across devices, and easy interpretation. It allows up-to-date data to be automatically shared through web maps and apps, enables communication with taxpayers and educates users on how property values are determined and how they are affected over time.

Equitable Property Value Initiative

The Equitable Property Value Initiative for ArcGIS Hub is a purpose-built solution that addresses the challenges of sharing property information and engaging with citizens based on Esri’s ArcGIS Hub platform. It organizes property information in a way that is publicly accessible, easy to navigate and use, and brings together a wealth of resources in one location. Citizens can gain insight into the process of property assessment and find answers to specific questions about land records without having to leave the site or visit multiple departments.

Organize your valuation and parcel data, accomplish organizational initiatives, and deliver on your stakeholder outreach goals in a single, cloud-based experience.

Why Equitable Property Value?

  • Increased public awareness
  • Improved public and government access to property information
  • Enhanced taxpayer transparency
  • Focused property information for taxpayers, real estate professionals and potential new property owners
  • Simplified communication regarding events and citizen notifications
  • Web-based process to respond to appeals
  • Summary statistics on your jurisdiction
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Working with Pro-West

Pro-West is working with local governments to implement the Equitable Property Value (EPV) Initiative for ArcGIS Hub. Whether your organization is an existing ArcGIS Hub user or not, we can help you through the process from start to finish, ensuring you receive a hub that meets your needs.

Our EPV customers always receive a product that allows them to easily share property information, engage more easily and efficiently with citizens and other users of that information, and provide transparency into government processes related to property valuation.

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More Resources

Discover more about the Equitable Property Value initiative and see how local governments Assessors are deploying and benefitting from it, with an e-book and webinar recording.

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