Join Pro-West and Esri

Join Pro-West and Esri October 14th for a webinar to discover how GIS technology is opening doors for improving transparency and trust with taxpayers.

  • Date: October 14, 2020
  • Time: 9:00am PST

Today, local governments are tasked with meeting citizens’ expectations for authoritative property information that is easy to find, quick to understand, and available on any device. Discover the GIS initiatives – such as the Equitable Property Value Initiative for ArcGIS Hub – that have been built around this need, supporting local governments with a platform for improving citizen engagement and sharing accurate property information.

Learn how your organization can:

  • Improve public and government access to authoritative property information
  • Enhance taxpayer understanding of the assessment process and property tax
  • Quickly create focused property information apps for taxpayers, real estate professionals, and potential new property owners
  • Simplify communication of upcoming events and notifications to citizens
  • Streamline the appeals process for both staff and taxpayers
  • Leverage valuable demographic data used to enrich summary statistics on your jurisdiction.